Judith Goldberg, MFA

Judith Goldberg

Judith graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a BFA in Craft Design in 1966 and an MFA in Art Education in 1975. For several years she taught middle school art while working in her studio and participating in craft shows. In 1987, (her Saturn opposition), following the demise of a business enterprise, she discovered Karmic Astrology and became a student and client. She completed four years of professional training in 1998. Judith’s focus in her personal practice is to empower others through the wisdom she has gained from her own lessons, challenges and successes.

Over the years, Judith has integrated other studies and modalities into her work. Judith trained in Holographic Reincarnation Therapy, a system of past life regression (PLT) developed in the Netherlands by Dr. Hans TenDam. She uses PLT as a powerful supplement to Karmic Astrology. She was introduced to the Michael System  in the mid’90s and has incorporated its basic tenets regarding Soul Ages and Archetypal Roles into her chart analysis. This information is particularly germane to discerning life purpose, vocation and past life themes. She also draws on her knowledge of archetypes and past lives gleaned from the Master Alignment work.

In 2007 Judith became a SoulCollage® Facilitator. This intuitive, art therapy related, process is now a centerpiece of Judith’s work. She conducts classes and webinars which utilize collage making to gain insights into the natal chart and astrological transits it. Judith is a workshop presenter at the SoulCollage® organization’s bi-annual national conferences. Search Judith’s name in the ‘Facilitator Finder’ on Soulcollage®. Go to Soul Journey Collage for more information .

Judith serves on the Board of Directors of the Baltimore Astrological Society (BAS), as program chairman. BAS ( ) is a chapter of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR). Judith has lectured at the local chapter and NCGR’s national convention. She has also written for several astrological publications.