Local Classes:

IMBOLC: Candelmas/Groundhog Day
Saturday, February 2nd 11:30 to 5:30 PM
Roland Park, Baltimore $70

The festival of the Celtic Goddess Brigid, on February 1 was known as Imbolc or Oimelc, two names which refer to the lactation of the ewes, the flow of milk that heralds the return of the life-giving forces of spring. Later, the Catholic Church replaced this festival with Candlemas Day on February 2, which is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and features candlelight processions. The powerful figure of Brigid the Light-Bringer overlights both pagan and Christian celebrations. What light is stirring under the surface in your life and awaiting a new birth in the spring?
Space is limited to 6 participants. Pre-registration required.
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NEW YEAR: New Cycle/New Beginning
Saturday, January 5th 11:30 to 5:30 PM
Roland Park, Baltimore $70


So—what’s next for you? The Winter Solstice was a HUGE tipping point for humanity and the planet, the end of one 26,000 year cycle and the beginning of another. On that day, the Sun entered Capricorn. On January 5th it stands at the exact midpoint of its monthly cycle, conjoining Pluto and Mercury. Saturn in Scorpio exactly sextiles Pluto in Capricorn; the two planets already being in mutual reception (inhabiting each other’s signs). So—the theme of stepping into one’s power continues to dominate the energy field. In this New Age of Aquarius, what transformative New Year’s resolutions will you take a stand for? Space is limited to 6 participants. Pre-registration required.
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SATURN ENTERS SCORPIO: A Transformational Journey
Saturday, October 6th 11:00 to 4:00 PM
Roland Park, Baltimore $60

By the time this class convenes, Saturn’s ingress (entrance) into Scorpio will be less than 24 hours old. Scorpio takes center stage in the final quarter of this year of major changes. The North Node, or soul sign, also enters Scorpio on August 31st, the day of the full blue moon. Saturn, the Great Lord of Karma, demands that we examine our relationship to power, how we have used or abused it in the past (including former lives), how we approach or avoid our power, how we give it away or own it. We are also called to discover and embrace our true passion. Sound daunting? We have 3 years to dwell in the conversation. Get off to a good start!

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URANUS SQUARE PLUTO: The Summer from Hell?
Saturday, September 8th 11:30 to 4:30 PM
Roland Park, Baltimore $60

The square between Uranus and Pluto has been the underlying energetic signature of the summer—wild fires, record–breaking heat, drought, gun violence, intensity, and polarization. People’s private lives have been chaotic, with unexpected major disruptions becoming the new normal. The square was exact on June 24th, a mere 4 days after the Summer Solstice, and will be again on September 19th, 4 days before the Autumnal Equinox—literally framing the summer. These bookend aspects are only 2 of the 6 we will experience between now and 2015. Squares are crystallized energy or old patterns that must be transformed in ourselves and in the collective.  Early on there is more pressure to change. We are in a re-examination phase now as Uranus and Pluto are both retrograde.  Soulcollage® can provide wise counsel and a much needed spiritual oasis in the midst of this sea of change. Come and find out what healing opportunities the cards hold for you. No prior knowledge of astrology needed, but you must submit accurate birth date, time and place.

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Online Workshop for 2013: Life Passages - Karma to Dharma

Life Passages

You are here to become your most powerful Self and to shine your light into the world. Are you ready to take a transformational journey towards greater self awareness, healing and self empowerment?

Your natal chart is a blueprint of the life you planned, the challenges you agreed to face, the people you chose to travel the path with you, and most important, the lessons dictated by the unfinished business of your karmic past. We all arrive here with baggage. We also arrive with a mission. We are here to claim our highest good—our dharma. What is your destiny? What is your next step? Let the magical combination of SoulCollage® and astrology reveal the journey ahead for you!

7 Wednesday Evenings February 13th – May 8th $199
Registrations Close February 10th!
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Three Suns

Celebrate Who You Are and Who You are Becoming
with Astrology and SoulCollage®

The Sun is a bright spot in your chart.

 Let your light shine!

Your “sign” is your Sun Sign, the core center of your personality. That our ego’s attachment to our sign is very strong was never more clearly demonstrated than back in 2011 when stories surfaced in the popular press that the addition of a thirteenth constellation to the zodiac would cause us all to change signs. Outrage ensued! And, while this crisis was abated, astrologers know that in the course of a lifetime we may each actually become at least two more signs! These shifts, governed by a process called progression, color our experience of who we are for periods of up to 30 years in length. We can experience these changes as crises, opportunities, or both. They are key parts of our evolutionary journey and can provide us with important insights.

In this course you will decipher the timing and patterns of these changes, understand how they are reflected in your lifestyle and choices, learn how to weather the challenges of each new sign and come to appreciate their ultimate contribution to supporting, enhancing and strengthening your experience of yourself and your life. Oh—and did I mention— the new signs are additions, not substitutions.

So--if you like your Sun Sign you can keep it!

You will receive:
  • Your astrological chart and personal Progressed Sun guide.
  • A workbook with clear information about all the astrological processes.
  • Exercises for journaling and SoulCollage® card making.
  • Four two-hour long telephone classes. Recorded for future listening.
  • A Yahoo Group site with messaging and personal albums for posting your collages.
  • Discounted follow up private appointments on additional influences in your progressed chart.

Lighten Up! Be Creative! Have FUN!

Four Wednesday Evenings. 8:00 – 10:00 EST

January 15th & 29th , February 12th & 26th

All tele-classes will be recorded if you can’t attend “live”.

No prior knowledge of astrology needed.


Registration closes January 12th

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A 2012 Transformational Journey
Using Astrology and SoulCollage®

Presented by Judith Goldberg, MFA
SoulCollage® Facilitator & Karmic Astrologer

Inner Journey

November 11th, 25th & December 9th
2-4 pm EST 11am-1pm PST

THE SCORPION TIME: A 2012 Transformational Journey

Scorpio, the great transformer, dominates the energy for the closing months of 2012—and beyond. Key to embracing personal power and passion, it also admonishes us to clean out our karmic closets or feel its sting. What unconscious patterns are you ready to release? What new commitments are waiting to manifest? Self discovery with astrology and SoulCollage® awaits you in this new teleclass. Inspire your creativity. Empower yourself to delve deeply into the recesses of your psyche through the card making process. No prior knowledge of astrology needed. Three 2 hour sessions. Sundays, 11/11, 11/25 & 12/9/12. $99.
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