Judith, the reading you gave me was outstanding! I immediately got a lot of clarity about what I'm here to do -- FINALLY!!! Learning about my soul archetype created an immediate shift in my perspective. The session put the events of my life into a comprehensive pattern and I could clearly see my life purpose and appreciate how absolutely perfect it is for my soul. I am finally able to stand in my own authority as required by my role of king. I realized I had been practicing humility as a karmic balance, and now I can surrender that inauthentic stance because I realize I can be powerful without harming others.


The feeling I took away from Judith’s wonderfully insightful karmic astrology session was a huge sense of relief! So many aspects of my life and personality had not made sense and were a source of great frustration and anguish. Discovering my warrior/king archetype provided a road map extending back in time and forward into the future and made sense of all those frustrations! After the session I had a whole new perspective on life in general and how MY life has played out so far. The knowledge did not absolve me from taking responsibility for my life but rather enabled me to be kinder to myself, more understanding of who I am and helped me to move forward more consciously into the future. Judith is a compassionate and gifted counselor who provides a concrete framework within which to transform your life experience.


My foray into astrology with Judith began out of curiosity and my impression that she seemed to be a fun person to play with. I got so much more than I’d anticipated—chiefly a laser-sharp clarity about how best to bring my work to the world. I have new respect for Judith’s abilities to meet a person where s/he is, communicate complex ideas clearly and get to the heart of things quickly. She is a serious scholar, a skilled and compassionate teacher—and I turned out to be right about the fun.


For years I’d been confused about my mission because I’d been following two diverse career paths, social work and image consulting. My vocational astrology session with Judith helped me to discover that they are actually closely related because they both spring from the same personal vision—helping people to be authentic, to embrace their individuality and to love themselves. I’m so grateful that Judith encouraged me to continue to be an entrepreneur and follow my passion and my dream. Rather than give up if I begin to feel ‘burned out’, I now know that sometimes I need to change focus, nurture myself and “go with the flow”.


I received a vocational astrology reading with Judith during a time when I had a lot of questions about what direction I should take in my work.  I've done numerous astrology readings over the years and no astrologer has ever been as prepared as Judith -- I immediately knew I was in good hands.  Both the information provided in the reading and Judith's sensible, deep, but light-hearted approach gave me invaluable perspective and motivation for the next phase of my life.  I am truly grateful and highly recommend Judith's work.


What an experience! When I returned home from my past life regression session, I felt taller and my vision seemed to be more acute. This happened to me once before when I made a huge shift in my life perspective. In the ensuing days, I felt stronger and more self-confident than ever. Thank you for a wonderful experience and an awakening to a deeper sense of me.


On the day of my 55th birthday, I drove from Charlottesville to Baltimore and spent several amazing hours with Judith. She was able to do my chart and couple it with a past life regression. I had never experienced anything like this before and really had no clue what to expect. I didn't have any real experience with astrology either. Judith helped me to understand major patterns in my life with new perception. The regression experience gave me insight into the karmic history of my current relationship with my husband and provided an avenue to come to terms with my choice to be in the marriage. The experience has been deeply transformative.


I've known Judith Goldberg for 40 years and have been privileged to see her evolve in developing and embracing her extraordinary gifts as a counselor and teacher. She is knowledgeable and disciplined in her work and I have frequently been a happy beneficiary of her gift.  As an astrologer, her guidance and interpretations of events gave me helpful perspectives and helped me stay grounded. At a point in my life when I was in great spiritual turmoil and unable to focus, she suggested doing a chakra clearing that turned out to be an evening I will never forget. Through Judith’s guidance I entered a meditative state and was able to vividly identify and exorcise over a dozen entities that were sapping my energy and filling me with fears that weren’t mine.  At the end of the session, I was exhausted but I experienced a clarity and peace that I'd long forgotten.


What do Judith’s students say about her classes?

When 'life-enhancing', 'life-changing' SoulCollage is infused with the profound wisdom of Karmic Astrology the process is taken to a whole other level. Judith facilitates this fascinating journey with great compassion and insight, leading to a deeper understanding of the many Selves that make you uniquely who you are. .


I have greatly deepened my understanding of Self and Soul in Judith's Astrology & SoulCollage® classes. Judith offers a wealth of astrological and transpersonal information specific to each group member; her work is very personalized, so everyone feels heard and understood. Each of us has the opportunity to weave these insights into our own collage story in a powerful way. Judith provides a compassionate presence and a sense of sanctuary which nurture the body, mind, and spirit.


I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Charlottesville, VA.  I really had NO understanding of astrology and was curious about how I might integrate this topic into SoulCollage®  work.  I found Judith to be well informed, enthusiastic and creative in her presentation. I went on to do a natal chart reading with her which opened up my inner psyche to the richness and wonder of the sacred mystery within. It has enhanced my work with clients and my own growth.


Judith's use of astrology makes her classes very "pointy" and profound. I always uncover another mysterious layer of myself through making cards with Judith. She gives us a thought-provoking astrological theme to play with and then helps us process the cards we make in a deeply meaningful way. She makes her class a fun and safe place for self discovery


Working with Judy as a SoulCollage® coach has been a wonderful journey of self exploration and creativity. It has allowed me to delve into my shadow side with a new energy level. It has become a wonderful way to share ideas and insights with other participants. Judith is a kind, generous and intuitive facilitator whose classes are well worth the time and effort. I have gotten so much out of them and love the process.