A 2012 Transformational Journey
Using Astrology and SoulCollage®

Presented by Judith Goldberg, MFA
SoulCollage® Facilitator & Karmic Astrologer

Inner Journey

November 11th, 25th & December 9th
2-4 pm EST 11am-1pm PST

    All sessions will be recorded so you can participate
    even if you can’t attend “live.”

Ask yourself:

  • Are you claiming your power or giving it away?
  • Do you have a passion for living? Are you living your passion?
  • Do your life circumstances reflect who you really are? What you value?
  • What are you holding onto that no longer serves you?
  • What new possibilities may lie ahead for you?

    If you are living with any of these questions,
    then this is the perfect series for you!

The journey begins...

"We do not become enlightened by chasing images of light,
but by making the darkness conscious.”      Carl Jung

Questing Spirit

Perhaps at no other time in history has Carl Jung’s profound insight been more prescient. As the pivotal year 2012 enters its final quarter, earthly and celestial dramas intensify. “As Above, So Below”. Astrologically speaking, Scorpio rules—along with Pluto, Lord of the Underworld its standard bearer. Symbolic of both collective and personal power (as well as its misuse and abuse) Scorpio invites us to plumb the depths of our unconscious mind and uncover the hidden, rejected parts of ourselves, along with distorted, suppressed and repressed subconscious beliefs and motives that are sabotaging our ability to achieve our life goals.

The Scorpion Time

My Shadow

November is the month when the Sun, Mercury and Venus traditionally inhabit the sign of the scorpion. The pagan festival of Samhain (our Halloween), celebrated when the Sun reaches 15° Scorpio and the veil between the worlds is thinnest, occurs this year on November 6th, Election Day. That same evening Mercury turns retrograde. The transiting North Node of the Moon (soul potential sign) moved into Scorpio on August 31st, where it will remain for 18 months. We will experience an extra powerful New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio on November 13th. The battle lines are drawn! But wait—there’s more…



Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn, the Great Lord of Karma, entered Scorpio on October 5th for a period of approximately 3 years. We are being tasked with using power responsibly, living with greater integrity, standing in our own authority and restructuring our lives to be in alignment with our highest values. As in any transformation, that which no longer serves us must die before we experience the birth of the new. Fear of loss can be a powerful disincentive to fully engaging in the process. We ignore the scorpion at our peril, tempting the toxic effects of its powerful sting.

Self Empowerment


We can choose to become conscious co-creators rather than victims of circumstances beyond our control.  We have tools for personal empowerment at our disposal like astrology and SoulCollage®. As a facilitator, I use astrology as a trigger to guide the subconscious process of selecting and combining images to enable deep understanding and resolution of issues. Of course, it is the Soul directing the process!

How do SoulCollage® and Astrology Work Together?

Transformative Power of the Feminine.jpg

Both SoulCollage® and Astrology are systems based on archetypes, have much symbolic commonality and are easily integrated. For example, the planets and signs in an individual’s birth chart correlate beautifully with the inner family or parts of the self. Interpreting cards in conjunction with astrological information, increases awareness and insight. It is a powerful vehicle for out-picturing the inner life of an individual and has many applications for personal growth and spiritual healing.


How is the class presented?

The Astrologer

Sessions will be held via a Free Conference call. Prior to each session participants will be emailed a workbook chapter in WORD format, containing informative materials, exercises, examples, card making and journaling prompts. During the class, participants may create new SoulCollage® cards and incorporate existing cards into the process in order explore more deeply. Each participant may upload cards to a proprietary Yahoo site prior to the following week’s class, so that they can be viewed by all, discussed and interpreted in the conference call. This site also functions as a format for comments and feedback.

What is covered in the Class?

  • 2012 and the Great Shift of the Ages
  • Scorpio’s legacy: Passion and Power—discovering yours!
  • What issues are up for you to transform?
  • Unconscious shadows; what is keeping you small?
  • The Karmic teacher—overcoming fear; mastering life lessons
  • Spiritual self-empowerment and moving into mastery

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • A workbook manual.
  • Your astrological birth chart.
  • All the astrological information you will need to complete the assignments
  • Guidance in how to create cards if your are new to SoulCollage
  • Three 2 hour long telecalls.
  • A link to listen to or download audio recordings of all calls (in case you can’t attend “live”)
  • Expert feedback from a certified professional Astrologer
  • Opportunities for community sharing & inspiration


After class, if you want more personal feedback on your cards, how they fit into the larger picture of your life as seen in your astrological chart, you may schedule a 30 or 60 minute phone session with Judith for just $1 per minute—instead of $100 per hour!

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